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Developing over 200MWpDC of SolarPV in Eastern Europe
Our experience and determination allows us to provide attractive and reliable investment opportunities in Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.

We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in utility-scale SolarPV investments. We can help capture the value of early project development and mitigate the associated risks to deliver RTB (Ready-to-Build) projects at very competitive prices on one of Europe's most attractive power markets.
Patented alkaline electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen
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Our passion for sustainability has led to the invention of a new type of alkaline electrolyzer utilizing dynamic flow inspired by nature.

Our technology holds the potential for a ~50% efficiency leap and could help make green hydrogen competitive with mainstream energy sources/storage. We are now at Technology Readiness Level - TRL2, targeting to achieve TRL4 by December 2022. This technology is applicable to a variety of electrochemical reactions.
At the moment we are intensively building our SolarPV pipeline and investing in the design, manufacturing and testing of our "DFE" electrolyzer prototype. We welcome inquiries from interested collaborators in either Solar or Hydrogen that could accelerate our progress.
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