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SolarPV assets
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         What makes a good Solar Power Plant?

We know it's about the profit - after all, despite the emerging trend of responsible investing,  profit maximization is still predominant.

We help you develop, design and execute for maximum profit, not for maximum size - and in many cases a smaller power plant will generate higher profit. If you are interested to learn why and how that is possible - contact us.
Invention and development of disruptive energy technologies
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          What makes life really exciting for us?

It's the simplification of technology, improving energy independence and reliability. Our curiosity and passion for sustainability has led to the invention of new technologies for treating water, catalyzing various chemical reactions in industry and generation of electricity.

We are excited about the journey we have taken and look forward to each step.
We welcome inquiries from all parties interested to design, develop, execute or buy/sell SolarPV projects in various stages of development (from green field to RTB - Ready-to-Build).
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We build the world we want to see, we are excited to have you on board

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